12 weeks to putt like a tour pro

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  • The Academy is the place where you can master your putting in your own time and from anywhere in the world.
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  • You will Learn the right drills to practise so you can go from those cards wrecking 3 putts to sinking putt after putt...feeling confident every time you stand over the ball.
  • You'll know how to go about getting the correct putter for you as we have a whole section on that area. No more guess work!
  • Follow your full 12-week step by step journey. Make the most efficient use of your time as you join the academy, including your bi-weekly online training sessions guiding you through your exact plan to fast-track your success.
  • No more bad advice, quick fixes, poor information and confusing concepts leading to frustration. Once you learn this information, you have it for your entire golfing life!
  • You will have access to tools and trackers (such as our putts gained tracker), challenges, tour insights, and much more...
  • This is the most comprehensive and personalised putting program ever created and I'm really looking forward to helping you with your game.
  • And you will have access to all of this for a Full 12 months (not to mention my 14 day money back guarantee)

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